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for women and men faced with pregnancy decisions.

The Pregnancy Care Center.




Although each woman who comes to us has her own unique story, there is a resounding common feeling - fear. Fear they cannot parent well, fear of what their parents will say, fear their plans and goals are gone forever, fear they cannot do this alone, fear they cannot handle this crisis. And while one of our primary goals is to walk this part of the journey with her – to speak truth in love to her and support her – our ultimate goal is to bring her the message of hope, healing and wholeness found in Jesus Christ. Life for her precious pre-born child and life for her.



The Pregnancy Care Center recognizes the need of presenting adoption as a loving, responsible and mature choice for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We are independent of any adoption agency, relating to them in the same manner as to other helpful referral sources.


Placing the baby for adoption can be the greatest sign of love a mother has for her child.  Adoption allows her to make a choice with which both she and the baby can live.  In cases where the mother decides that adoption of her child is the best choice,  we will support her through the adoption process.

Pregnancy Care Center Jonesboro

158 S. Main St.

Jonesboro, GA 30236

Mail: PO Box 457

Jonesboro, GA 30237-0457

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