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Free Services

Pregnancy Test

Our pregnancy tests are high-quality, laboratory-grade urine tests, meaning you’ll receive your results during your visit. The pregnancy tests detect hCG levels in your urine (also called the pregnancy hormone). Our caring and compassionate staff and volunteers are here to listen and offer you support

If your test confirms your pregnancy, we’re here to support you.

Our team will answer questions about all your pregnancy options,


  • Parenting

  • Adoption

  • Abortion

We can also connect you with community resources to support

other needs. No matter your situation, our staff walks by your side

through this journey.


The Pregnancy Care Center recognizes the need of presenting adoption as a loving, responsible and mature choice for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We are independent of any adoption agency, relating to them in the same manner as to other helpful referral sources.


Placing the baby for adoption can be the greatest sign of love a mother has for her child.  Adoption allows her to make a choice with which both she and the baby can live.  In cases where the mother decides that adoption of her child is the best choice,  we will support her through the adoption process.

The Spirit of God

         has MADE me,

and the BREATH

    of the Almighty

             gives me LIFE. 

                       Job 33:4


Parenting - Earn While You Learn

Anyone who has received positive proof of pregnancy can sign up for parenting classes. You may also participate in the program later in your pregnancy or after your baby is born. Couples are welcomed to watch videos together. You’re able to come once a week at your convenience for free. You can earn credits to purchase items you need for your baby such as diapers, formula and other baby care items.

Spiritual Support

Our staff and volunteers offer the practice of connecting people with God through active listening, prayer, reading the Word of God and partnering with the church community. Spiritual care provides a sense of meaning, purpose, connection, and hope.

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