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Gaila Springer

Gaila is a single mom of two, a son and daughter. She’s a cancer survivor of 10 years and still going strong. Gaila has an Associates Degree in Business Administration, and wants to continue her studies for a Bachelors in Counseling. Gaila has expressed her love for the Lord and strives to live being the woman God created her to be and nothing more. She has worked with infants for more than 20 years and says, “My desire is to love and care for those babies as if I was their mom. They won’t even know mommy’s not there.” That being said, Gaila’s passion in anything she does, is to give it her all, no matter what it is. Her words are, “My work is as unto the Lord.” Gaila started at the Pregnancy Care Center in May 2019 as the Assistant Director and became the Director in February 2020. We are blessed to have her.


Marsharne Sullivan
Assistant Director

Marsharne Sullivan, former Assistant Director of the Pregnancy Care Center, has returned to the PCC. A graduate of Belhaven University and Restoration Theological Seminary, she is a certified Christian counselor. Marsharne desires to minister to mothers and families in need of emotional support and practical assistance. Her heartbeat is to share God’s truth of life inside the womb and show the love of Christ especially to women with unplanned pregnancies..


Bernice Maple-Sims

Wanda Miller

Don Olden

Terry Hicks

Roger Gangi

Sheila Gose (Center Director 1996-2017)

Lon Tenny


Angela Ashley, M.D.

Tommy Hollard, Attorney, Retired

R. Alvis Reynolds II, M.D.

Kim Gross, Attorney

Glen H Rudy

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